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Advertise With RV Information Central

If you are thinking “Why should I List/Advertise with these people?”
Read on, that is ‘If you want extra exposure and/or more business’.

The Problem

Think as an RVer.
The RVer wants information, before he/she takes the trip, or while ‘en route’, or when they get there, or when they have a problem.
Where do we: Stop? Park? Camp? Fill? Dump? Wash this big rig? Get Repair?
Where do we buy: a new tire? Parts? Accessories? Supplies? replace our RV?
Where do we get: Tourist Info? Propane? Diesel? Lube & Oil change?
Where is the nearest Dealer for my Make, Model? Warranty Service?
What places are ‘RV Friendly’?
Even: where do I find 100 lbs of air pressure for my tires?
And many, many more!

Currently, everything the poor RVer has to find, takes much time, effort, is frustrating, tough or impossible to locate, because the information they need is…………. …...ALL OVER THE PLACE or even NON-EXISTENT!

Today Everyone wants, whatever they need NOW! QUICK! EASY!
Do you think RVers are different?
Do you think many RVers travel less, because finding everything, is so much trouble?
Do think many would travel more if everything was easier to find? Maybe in one place?

The Solution - RV Information Central Inc.
For the Millions of RVers in North America, we are The Solution!
With ONE website,
Where the RVer will be able to find, virtually EVERYTHING.
Quickly, easily, complete and without having to hunt all over the place.
“THE WEBSITE for the RVer, RVing in the United States and Canada!!”

Why Advertise with us, Why Now?

- you will get excellent exposure
- you will do more business
- RVers will find your business easier, quicker, more often
- You will see your business in the ‘front’
- You will be glad you listed early
- You will have paid ‘so little for so much’

At this point, you the advertiser, will be coded as a “Charter Subscriber”.
Charter Subscribers will receive:
- ‘Special’ treatment and consideration, because you helped us get started.
- In searches, in listings, you will show-up first, in the beginning not near the end.
- your Business will be listed in the order your Agreement and Fees were received.
- You will be in larger, bold type than the ‘Basic’ listing.
- You will help a much needed website, become THE Website RVers need.
- you will reap the benefits of that, for years to come.
- pay a ridiculously, low price

What you see, read, think … this is only THE BEGINNING!

Get ‘on board’ NOW and enjoy the ride, reap benefits now and in the future!

Don’t watch from the sidelines, be a part of the website that will be,
The RVers Website!


Thank you,

The RV Information Central Sales Team


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Advertising Instructions

Your advertisement is important to us.  Please feel free to Contact Us, should you have any questions or concerns about our advertising or suggestions about how to improve our methods.  All suggestions will be taken under serious consideration.

Advertising with RV Information Central

Underlined and bolded are two files for downloading.  These files are microsoft word document files or .doc.  Please read the instructions and click on the links to download the files.  Should you have problems with this document format please download the .pdf files found at the bottom of this document.

The first of these files, labeled Advertising Agreement Form, need to be opened, filled out and then emailed to our Sales Department.  Some alternates to this method would be to fill out the form, print it and fax it to RV information Central.  An individual can also print off these documents, write the information in by hand and mail it back to us.  All address information can be found on the downloadable form.  Please contact our sales department to receive our current advertising category listing to complete the category listing portion of the Advertising Agreement Form to let us know what categories you wish to be listed under.  It will identify to us what categories you will show up under as advertisers on our website. 

We realize that filling out forms is not fun and are working on a solution to have a complete online form for submission of your advertising data.  As soon as it is operational it will be located under this section.  In the meanwhile these forms are required.

Please remember that we are here to serve you and if you have any questions or comments we look forward to speaking with you.

Advertising Rates for the RV Information Central:

Banner Pricing Schedule

1 Website
2 Websites
 All 3 Websites
Top Banner
 $750.00/yr  $1,250.00/yr  $1,500.00/yr
Side Banner
 $500.00/yr  $750.00/yr  $900.00/yr

To advertise with a Banner you must have a Directory listing for the same Entity, on the website. After that you can choose and/or the membership website (which is currently being developed in the background).

Directory Listing
(only on )
Parent Category
Per Sub-Category

For current pricing specials, multiple listings rates, etc, contact our Sales Department by e-mail or by calling 1-866-683-7456.  Please leave your name, position, phone number and inquiry. For comments or suggestions, please contact us.

Thank you,

RV Information Central Sales Team

Avaliable Advertising Documents:

Advertising Agreement Form


Advertising Options
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The detail page shows the all location information:


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