Monday, March 8, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions

How did this site come to be?
Answer:  The original idea came from a long-time RVer who was constantly frustrated with not having one central place to go to in order to find out where he could stop for the night, fill or dump his tanks, find a repair location, or just park for a few hours.

Why another RV website?
Answer:  Because there are no websites like this. RVers need a website like this.
One website to find virtually everything they need and want.
Not having to search all over the place, to get only part of the information they need. will become THE website for RVers.

Isn’t this “RVing” a thing of the past?
Answer: Absolutely not! The use of Recreational Vehicles has been around since there were vehicles. The percentage of people using RV’s has increased constantly. The only things that change are: what kind of vehicle, what type of use, where to, how often, how far, how long, etc.

Estimates number North American RVers at 11 Million +/-. Even last year people still bought RV’s. No wholesale ‘scrapping’ of RVs is occurring.

Also, since RVing is one of least expensive way of holidaying, times when people watch how they spend their money could increase the use of RVs.
We look forward to more RVing since our website, will make RVing easier and more fun.

Is this website meant for RVers or RV related businesses?
Answer: The primary purpose is to provide RVers with virtually everything, in one place, on one website. However, this also benefits the RV related Businesses.

Imagine, ONE website, every RVer knows provides all the data everyone needs.  The Searchers (RVers) benefit, the Providers benefit, Everyone benefits.  Everyone Wins.

Your website is pretty ‘basic’ right now, what more can I expect?
Answer: You are correct, quite ‘basic’ right now. However, a lot is happening behind the scenes. More will appear very soon. We will be THE website!
Also, any suggestions you and others can make, that make us THE RVers website, we are looking forward to.

We noticed data that is out of date, should be altered, what can we do?
Answer: Wonderful. We appreciate information from everyone. Anyone who has suggestions, something to add or something to alter, we invite to contact us.


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