Monday, March 8, 2021
About RV Information Central

The concept for this website started with one person who has been RVing since the early 70's. In the last decade or so, he had noticed that there weren't very many resources for the travelling RV user and the few available resources weren't increasing their content very much. What he was able to find had many deficiencies and was lacking information which he found very frustrating for himself and other RVers that he ran into throughout his travels. Based on this, he decided to create a website that would make RVing easier, and more fun.

You are now seeing the beginning of what will be a website to make it much easier for RVers to travel across North America and have valuable information at their fingertips. So please check in weekly and give us a little feedback by Contacting Us to let us know if we are meeting your RVing needs.

Thanks for stopping by.

The RV Information Central Team


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive information available for Recreational Vehicle users, The ultimate web-site for virtually all your anticipated travel needs. Whether you are searching for places to stay for a long-term or short-term, dumping/filling or service to your RV unit, looking for local events or shopping. This is only to mention a few. We strive to provide the ultimate website to make your travel experience enjoyable.

Together with your suggestions of enhancement or additional features, improved technology and various other value added services, this site will continue to be your find-all source.


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